$26M Awarded to Address Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking

On September 28, 2015, Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates announced 44 awards totaling $26 million in funding through the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women’s Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders Program. For the civil legal aid community, this grant initiative bring the exciting potential for new funding opportunities and partnerships centered on addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. The full press release can be found here.

Particularly significant to civil legal aid:

  • 44 grant recipients will create and enhance collaborative partnerships between criminal justice agencies, victim services providers, and community organizations that respond to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  • Contra Costa County, CA is receiving an award to support a project which, among other things, will provide a variety of resources and services for victims of domestic violence.
  • Detroit, MI is receiving an award to provide centralized, accessible services to victims of domestic violence, including legal services!

The announcement of the Fiscal Year 2015 Arrest Program recipients (listed on the press release) presents the opportunity for civil legal aid programs across the country to develop collaborative partnerships with grantees aimed at better serving victims and enhancing their safety.

If you are a grantee or sub-grantee from either funding initiative, we encourage you to share the good news with NLADA by contacting Arielle Altman at a.altman@nlada.org.


Categories: DOJ, Domestic Violence, Federal Agency, Government Organizations, New Opportunities, Pass-Through Funds/ Block Grants, Sexual Assault, Subgrant Possibilities, Victims of Crime, Violence Against Women

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