ACF and IHS Award $21 Million to Address Tribal Domestic Violence

In honor of October’s National Domestic Violence Prevention Month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and Indian Health Service (IHS) announced that they have awarded nearly $21 million in grants to support tribal domestic violence victims and organizations in Native American and Alaska Native communities across the nation.

The ACF funding, which will be awarded to 136 tribes and tribal organizations serving 274 tribes, will help strengthen tribal responses to domestic violence and emphasize public awareness, advocacy, training, and technical assistance. IHS funding will support 56 projects to increase access to health services and build the capacity of Native American and Alaska Native communities to provide prevention, intervention, and treatment services to victims of domestic or sexual violence. This significant funding, awarded to tribes, tribal organizations, urban Native American organizations, and IHS federal government programs, demonstrate the agencies’ efforts to provide community-based, culturally sensitive services for domestic and sexual violence within the tribal framework.

For more information on the grantees of this funding announcement, please see the full press release 

If you are a sub-grantee of this funding initiative, we encourage you to share the good news with NLADA by contacting Arielle Altman at



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