Funding resources

Below is a curated list of curated resources, webinars, and presentations that can help you identify federal funding to support your work. NLADA’s Comparison of Major Sources of Federal Funding. This guide provides an overview of key funding sources for legal aid and tracks the amount they have been funded since FY 2016.

  • NLADA and the Justice in Government Project’s grant forecasting guide. Grant-making agencies, pending budgetary and discretionary spending approvals and federal agency program decisions, often offer previews of their planned funding opportunities. This guide walks you through how to find forecasted grants, open grants, and past grantees as well as questions you might consider asking previous grantees about their experience.
  • The Justice in Government Project’s Grants Matrix. The matrix is intended as an introduction to the possibilities for partnering with state and local governments to address the need for civil legal help that advances government priorities involving low-income and other underserved populations. It provides an overview of those state-administered federal funds that can support legal aid and examples of how states have used these funds to advance their goals with legal aid.
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Webinars and calls

NLADA is hosting four webinar series over the next year: Serving Veterans (September 2019), Addressing the Opioid Crisis (October/November 2019), Facilitating Successful Reentry (April 2020), and Serving Victims of Crime (date TBD).

Serving Veterans Webinar Series
Research & Federal Funding
Partnership & Service Delivery
Screening & Technology

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Webinar Series
Research & Federal Funding
Data Collection & Screening
Partnerships & Service Delivery
Also check out our fact sheet about opioids and the justice system and our article about civil legal aid and opioids

The following is a curated list of webinars. See more NLADA webinars here.

NLADA presentations:

Advancing your work through federal funding presentation

Presentation on November 7, 2019 at NLADA Annual Conference –  Advancing Your Work with Federal Funding: Serving crime victims, facilitating reentry, and serving veterans

Presentation on July 26, 2019 at the MIE Fundraising Conference – Advancing Your Work with Federal Funding: Addressing the opioid epidemic, facilitating reentry, and serving victims of crime

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