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The big idea behind The Justice in Government Project (JGP) is simple: many government programs aimed at increasing opportunities for education, employment, housing, health care, and improving public safety and family stability are more effective and efficient when they include legal aid alongside other supportive services. Too often those programs do not include legal aid but could achieve even better results and cost savings if they did.

This Toolkit helps government policymakers, grant administrators, legal profession leaders, social service providers, and legal aid and other advocates improve the quality and efficiency of government programs, increase access to justice, and achieve policy outcomes and priorities. It is divided into four modules, each containing its own unique resources and information ranging from curated research briefs on civil legal aid, to our Grants Matrix and funding FAQs, to state examples, to additional tools related to civil legal aid and funding opportunities. The Toolkit also has a COVID-19 page for funding opportunities that can support legal aid, as well as webinars, publications, and other resources.

Toolkit Video Tour

Are you new to the JGP Toolkit? Or are you looking for guidance on where to find resources and how to use them?

The JGP Toolkit video tour features an overview description of the modules, resources, and how to use them, and an example walk-through of the Toolkit.

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