CNCS – Social Innovation Fund Grant (2014)

Description:  The Social Innovation awards grants to grantmaking institutions, referred to as “intermediaries.” These intermediaries in turn competitively select, provide grants to, and otherwise support high-performing community-based nonprofit organizations to implement evidence-based programs in the areas of healthy futures, economic opportunity and youth development. The intermediaries and the nonprofits must match the grant funds they receive one-to-one in cash from with non-federal sources.

Funding Title: Social Innovation Fund Grant FY 2014

Agency Name: Corporation for National and Community Service

Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement

Express Language for Legal Aid: Yes

Target Population:

Targeting of at least one of the following types of beneficiaries:

  • Opportunity Youth
  • Traditionally Underserved and Underrepresented Geographic Areas and Populations

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:

Social Innovation Fund intermediaries are required to match the entire amount of federal funds expended on a dollar-for-dollar basis. The match must be in non-federal cash; in-kind match is not allowable. At the time of their application, Social Innovation Fund applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet 50 percent of their cash match requirement. Subgrantees also will be required to match the full amount of the grant they expend from the intermediary on a dollar-for-dollar basis, in cash.

CNCS is interested in applicants that present both a strong capacity to raise additional dollars to be provided to subgrantees, and a serious commitment to share the fundraising burden of their subgrantees.

How to Apply:    

Applicants must submit your application electronically via eGrants, CNCS’s web-based application system (

CNCS requires all entities that plan to apply for federal grant funds, that receive federal grant funds, or that receive subgrants directly from a federal grantee to:

  • Be registered in the SAM before they submit an application
  • Maintain an active SAM registration with current information while they have an application under consideration by CNCS and for their entire active award period, if any
  • Provide its active DUNS number in each application it submits to CNCS

Current Closing Date for Applications: Apr 22, 2014

Award Ceiling: $10,000,000

Award Floor: $1,000,000

Eligible Applicants: Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education

Priority Consideration: This Notice seeks applicants with robust plans to target and select applicants that serve such populations, including but not limited to rural and economically depressed communities, tribal communities, disabled populations, veterans, etc.

CNCS will also give priority to eligible grantmaking institutions with high scoring applications that propose to contribute to local strategies designated under Presidential priority initiatives to expand access to opportunity for low income individuals and distressed communities, such as the Promise Zone initiative.

Policy and Regulations on Use of Funds:

Link to Full Announcement:

Contact Information: Contact the National Service Hotline at 800-942-2677 or via ( if a problem arises when you create an account or prepare or submit your application. National Service Hotline hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. Be prepared to provide your application ID, organization’s name, and the Notice to which you are applying ATT: Office of Grants Policy and Operations/ASN Application

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