HUD – Jobs Plus Initiative – Public and Indian Housing (2016)

Applications Due: June 13, 2016, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time


The purpose of the Jobs Plus program is to develop locally-based, job driven approaches that increase earnings and advance employment outcomes through work readiness, employer linkages, job placement, educational advancement, technology skills, and financial literacy for residents of public housing. The place-based Jobs Plus program addresses poverty among public housing residents by incentivizing and enabling employment through earned income disregards for working families and a set of services  designed to support work including employer linkages, job placement and counseling, educational advancement, and financial counseling. Ideally, these incentives will saturate the target developments, building a culture of work and making working families the norm.

The Jobs Plus program consists of the following three core components (further described below): Employment-Related Services Financial Incentives – Jobs Plus Earned Income Disregard (JPEID) Community Supports for Work Applicants are encouraged to develop key partnerships to connect participants with any other needed services to remove barriers to work. An Individualized Training and Services Plan (ITSP) should be developed for each participant to establish goals and service strategies, and to track progress. These grants will employ several principles of the President’s Job Driven Training checklist to ensure that public housing residents are connected to a program that is using evidence-based practices that work for job seekers and employers. Labor Market Data: Successful programs will first consider the data in their local community to identify – where the available jobs are and what industries offer the most opportunities for residents to achieve long-term employment and progression along a career pathway. Career Pathways: Successful programs will also promote a seamless progression from one educational stepping stone to another and across work-based training and education, so individuals are obtaining new training and credentials on a progressive and ongoing basis. Work Experience: Successful programs will support learning opportunities with employers – including on-the-job training, internships and pre-apprenticeships and Registered Apprenticeships – as training paths to employment. Access to Training: Successful programs will break down barriers to accessing job-driven training and hiring for any public housing resident who is willing and able to work, including by providing access to job supports and relevant guidance. Key Partnerships: Finally, a successful Jobs Plus program will be collaboratively designed and implemented by local housing authorities, residents of public housing developments, Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and American Job Centers (AJC’s, also known as One Stop Career Centers), local businesses and employers including minority and women-owned businesses, and other organizations that provide supportive services within that community.

Funding Title:   Jobs Plus Initiative

Estimated Total Program Funding:  $15,000,000

Funding Opportunity Number: FR-6000-N-14

Agency Name:   U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Funding Instrument Type:  Grant

Express Language for Legal Aid:  Yes, expungement is listed under the “Partnerships with Local Agencies” section:

“The comprehensive nature of the Jobs Plus program requires that PHAs establish partnerships with American Job Centers and other key social service agencies within the community…

Partnerships should include:

Legal services (e.g. expungement)…”

Target Population:    Public Housing residents

Expected Number of Awards: 5

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:  Yes

How to Apply: 

An electronic copy of the Application Package and Application Instructions for this NOFA can be downloaded from at All applications must be submitted electronically via

Current Closing Date for Applications:  June 23, 2016, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

Length of Project Period: 48-month project with four 12-month budget periods

Project Start Date: 10/01/2016

Award Ceiling:   $3,000,000

Award Floor:    $1,000,000

Eligible Applicants: 

Eligible applicants are PHAs that operate one or more public housing developments (as designated for

asset management purposes)

management purposes) that meet the criteria outlined in this NOFA.

Link to Full Announcement:  Here

Contact Information: HUD staff will be available to provide clarification on the content of this NOFA. Please note that HUD staff cannot assist applicants in preparing their applications.

Questions regarding specific program requirements for this NOFA should be directed to the point of contact listed below.
Jayme Brown

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