HUD – Supplemental Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program (2017)

Applications Due: March 17, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

Description:  The purpose of HUD’s Housing Counseling Grant Program is to provide funds that shall be used for providing counseling and advice to tenants and homeowners, both current and prospective, with respect to property maintenance, financial management/ literacy, and such other matters as may be appropriate to assist them in improving their housing conditions, meeting their financial needs, and fulfilling the responsibilities of tenancy or homeownership. Funding provided by this NOFA is intended to support HUD-approved housing counseling agencies to respond flexibly to the needs of residents and neighborhoods, and deliver a wide variety of housing counseling services to homebuyers, homeowners, renters, and the homeless. This NOFA plays an integral role in the continued stabilization of our nation’s housing market by helping individuals and families obtain housing and stay in their homes through responsible homeownership or affordable rental housing. Traditionally underserved populations, such as minorities, the elderly, veterans, persons with disabilities, persons with limited English proficiency and residents of rural areas, face additional housing and economic challenges. HUD’s Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program funds housing counselors who provide expert, unbiased guidance and information to help families and individuals meet their housing needs and improve their financial situations. Moreover, HUD grants assist housing counselors to act as an important safeguard against scams and discrimination, and to act as an important gateway to local, state, federal and private housing assistance. 

Funding Title:  HUD FY 2017 Supplemental Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant Program 

Agency Name:   Department of Housing and Urban Development

 Funding Opportunity Number: FR-6100-N-33

Funding Instrument Type:    Grant 

Express Language for Legal Aid:   No, but legal aid has been funded in the past. 

Target Population:   Tenants and homeowners, both current and prospective 

Expected Number of Awards: 40

 Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:   No

How to Apply:   Applications and forms that you need to apply for funding under this NOFA are available from

Current Closing Date for Applications:    3/17/17

Eligible Applicants: All housing counseling agencies (including LHCAs, Intermediaries and MSOs) that are directly approved by HUD to participate in the HUD Housing Counseling Program prior to the NOFA issue date and were not awarded FY 2016 comprehensive housing counseling funds through the FY 2016 – 2017 NOFA as a direct grant from HUD or as a sub-grant from an SHFA or Intermediary are eligible for this NOFA.

 Priority Consideration:
1. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
2. Increase Energy Efficiency and the Health and Safety of Homes.

Link to Full Announcement:  Here

Contact Information:
If you have difficulty accessing the full announcement electronically, or have questions regarding specific program requirements, please contact: David Valdez

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