DOL – WIOA – Indian and Native American Program – Employment and Training Grants (2018)

Applications Due: May 18, 2018, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time


The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), U.S. Department of Labor announces the availability of approximately $62 million for Indian and Native American (INA) Program Grants to fund approximately 176 total grants. We anticipate approximately $49,000,000 of the $62,000,000 will be for Comprehensive Service Program (adult) activities, and the remaining $13,000,000 will be for Supplemental Youth Services that will be awarded to those grant recipients that serve Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian youth living on or near Indian reservations and in Oklahoma, Alaska, and Hawaii. The funds are authorized by Section 166 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and amounts will be based on a funding formula provided in the WIOA regulations at 20 CFR 684.270 and 684.440. The purpose of this program is to “support employment and training activities for Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian individuals in order to:

(A) Develop more fully the academic, occupational, and literacy skills of such individuals;

(B) Make such individuals more competitive in the workforce and equip them with the entrepreneurial skills necessary for successful self-employment; and

(C) Promote the economic and social development of Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities in accordance with the goals and values of such communities.”

INA grant competitions are held every four years. Grantees that receive an award as a result of this competition will receive one grant award annually for four consecutive years, subject to appropriated funding, starting in PY 2018. Each annual grant award will have a 36-month period of performance. Grantees will receive a new grant with a new grant number in each of those four years contingent on the availability of funds and satisfactory progress towards achieving the goals and objectives of the grant. The anticipated start date for awardees that receive both youth and adult funding is April 1, 2018, while the anticipated start date for awardees that receive only adult funding is July 1, 2018. The period of performance detailed above includes all necessary implementation and start-up activities.

Funding Title: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Indian and Native American Program – Employment and Training Grants

Agency Name: U.S Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

Funding Opportunity Number:   FOA-ETA-18-05

Funding Instrument Type: Grant

Express Language for Legal Aid: Not in Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA); however, DOL included legal aid in the list of eligible services in pages 328-329 and page 421 of final WIOA rule:

Target Population: Federally recognized Indian tribes, Alaska Native entities, or a consortium of such entities will have priority to receive grants under this part for those geographic service areas in which they have legal jurisdiction, such as an Indian reservation, Oklahoma Tribal Service Area (OTSA), or Alaska Native Village Service Area (ANVSA).

Expected Number of Awards: 176

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement: No

Estimated Total Program Funding: $62,000,000

Award Ceiling: $0

Award Floor: $0

How to Apply:

This FOA, found at and, contains all of the information and links to forms needed to apply for grant funding.

Current Closing Date for Applications:   by May 18, 218, 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time

Eligible Applicants:

To be eligible to apply for a WIOA Sec. 166 grant, an entity must have legal status as a government or as an agency of a government, private non-profit corporation, or a consortium whose members all qualify as one of these entities. Per 20 CFR 684.200(f), these entities include:

  • Federally recognized Indian tribes;
  • Tribal organizations, as defined in 25 U.S.C. 450b;
  • Alaska Native-controlled organizations;
  • Native Hawaiian-controlled organizations;
  • Indian-controlled organizations serving INAs;
  • A consortium of eligible entities which meets the legal requirements for a consortium as described at 20 CFR 684.200(e);
  • State-recognized tribal organizations as defined in 20 CFR 684.200(g).

 Link to Full Announcement: Here

Contact Information: For further information about this FOA, please contact Marc Purvis, Grants Management Specialist, Office of Grants Management, at (202) 693-3204.




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