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  • DOL – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) (2020)

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    This post includes three Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs: Dislocated Worker Program, Adult Activities Program, and the Youth Activities Program. There is express language for legal services. The 2016 final rule includes language identifying legal aid among the supportive services considered “necessary to enable an individual to participate” in workforce activities.

  • DOJ – Services for Minor Victims of Sex Trafficking (2020)

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    OVC is seeking applications for states or tribes to develop, enhance, and This program is designed to develop, expand, and strengthen assistance programs for minor victims of sex trafficking. The objective in providing these services is to achieve increased safety, self-sufficiency, and well-being for minor victims of sex trafficking. There is express language for legal aid.

  • HUD – Fair Housing Organization Initiative (2020)

    is Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI) NOFA makes available $750,000 under the Continued Development Component (CDC). The CDC component provides funds to non-profit fair housing organizations to build their capacity and effectiveness to conduct enforcement related activities. Eligible funding activities include but are not limited to:(1) adding an enforcement staff or conducting enforcement-related activities); and (2) expanding testing expertise and experience. This is the FY20 solicitation.

  • HUD – Fair Housing Education and Outreach (2020)

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    Under the Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI), legal aid organizations can develop educational advertising campaigns, develop and distribute materials, and conduct workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. to inform the public about their rights and responsibilities as it relates to the Fair Housing Act. Education about rights, investigating, and obtaining enforcement of rights are inherently legal in nature. This is the FY20 solicitation.

  • HUD – Fair Housing Enforcement (2020)

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    Under the Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI), non-profits are funded to investigate violations and obtain enforcements of rights under the Fair Housing Act or state and local laws, which often includes legal counseling and representation. Education about rights, investigating, and obtaining enforcement of rights are inherently legal in nature. This is the FY20 solicitation.

  • DOL – Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program, Incarcerated Veterans’ Transition Program , and the Homeless Female Veterans’ and Veterans’ with Families Program (2020)


    This program will provide services to reintegrate homeless veterans into the labor force by placing them into family-sustaining employment and to stimulate the development of effective service delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans. Legal aid is eligible to subgrant.

  • DOJ – CAREERRS Second Chance Act (2020)

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    The Correctional Adult Reentry Education, Employment, and Recidivism Strategies (CAREERRS) Program, a Second Chance Act program, is designed to help communities establish education, vocation, and job training programs in their correctional systems that address employment challenges facing incarcerated youth and adults re-entering those communities and the workforce.

  • DOJ – Services for Older Victims of Abuse and Financial Exploitation (2020)

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    This program is intended to improve outcomes, minimize additional trauma, and restore safety and security to older adult victims of abuse and financial exploitation. The purpose of this grant is to support direct service provision to older victims; provide advocacy, assistance, and safety planning; and provide resources for service providers and criminal justice stakeholders. There isn’t express language for legal aid, but the solicitation includes broad language about providing services that can include legal aid.

  • DOJ – America’s Addiction Crisis: Serving Our Youngest Crime Victims (2020)

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    This program will provide funding to support direct services to children and youth who are crime victims as a result of the nation’s addiction crisis (Purpose Area 1); and training and technical assistance for the direct services grantees (Purpose Area 2). There is express language for legal aid and several legal aid organizations have received this in FY 2018 ad 2019.

  • HHS – Tribal Opioid Response (2020)


    The Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) grant program “aims to address opioid crisis in tribal communities by increasing access to culturally appropriate and evidence-based treatment. … The intent is to reduce unmet treatment need and opioid overdose-related deaths through the provision of prevention, treatment and/or recovery activities for OUD.” Legal aid is an eligible subgrantee.