DOJ – Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant Program (2014)


The Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) was created by the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 (VAWA 2005), 42 U.S.C. §14043g, and is the first federal funding stream solely dedicated to the provision of direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault.

Women and men of all ages, as well as children, can be victims of sexual assault. The perpetrator can be a relative, acquaintance (e.g., boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, coworker, neighbor), or a stranger. Nearly half of all women and 1 in 5 men have experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. Also, nearly 1 in 5 (18.3%) women and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the United States have been raped at some time in their lives.

For many victims, it may take years to recover from the physical and psychological trauma caused by rape and other forms of sexual violence. To heal from the trauma, survivors often need support from family and friends, as well as critical direct intervention and related assistance from victim- centered social service organizations such as rape crisis centers, through 24-hour sexual assault hotlines, crisis intervention, and medical and criminal justice accompaniment.

Funding Title: OVW Fiscal Year 2014 Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant Program Solicitation

Agency Name: Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women

Funding Instrument Type: Grant

Express Language for Legal Aid: No

Target Population: Adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, Family and household members of such victims; and Those collaterally affected by the victimization (e.g., friends, coworkers, classmates), except for the perpetrator of such victimization.

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement: No

How to Apply: Applicants must be registered and current with the System for Award Management (SAM) registration and with prior to submitting an application no later than January 23, 2014.

Current Closing Date for Applications: February 6, 2014     

Award Ceiling: OVW will award not less than 1.5 percent of the total amount appropriated for the SASP Formula Grant Program to each state and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will be awarded a base amount of .25 percent of the total appropriated amount. Funds remaining after the allocated base amounts will be distributed among the states and territories according to population.

Award Floor: $0

Eligible Applicants:  Applicants are limited to any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Priority Consideration:   

Projects that:

(1)    Support rape crisis centers in providing direct intervention and related assistance.

(2)     Support dual programs that provide sexual assault and domestic violence services to enhance their provision of direct intervention and related assistance tailored for victims of sexual assault.

(3)     Retain core services for victims of sexual assault.

(4)    Increase support for underserved populations, particularly communities of color, in a culturally appropriate manner, with a special emphasis on addressing the African- American, tribal, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities, as well as individuals with disabilities and Deaf individuals.

Link to Full Announcement:

Contact Information:    For assistance with the requirements of this solicitation, contact OVW at (202) 307-6026. In Fiscal Year 2014, OVW formula applications will be submitted through the Office of Justice Programs Grants Management System (GMS). For technical assistance with GMS, contact OVW GMS Support at 1-866-655-4482.

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